Hi, we’re SteadyCloud.

SteadyCloud provides high performance cloud hosting, from individuals to large businesses offering eCommerce, as well as servers, domain registrations and other Internet services. We’ve grown rapidly – from a team of 8 to employing a team of over 20, some working from our office with others around the world from the comfort of their home.

Our ethos are customer centric – we’re committed to providing a high quality service continuously re-investing in our infrastructure, support that never misses a beat and pricing that matches our offering.

Unlike most web hosts, we own our hardware and network gear, operating from a top-tier data center in southern California. Our engineers consist of industry veterans who have worked with some of the largest Internet brands and businesses. Experience the SteadyCloud cloud, backed by our generous service level agreements.

Note: Your credit card statement will read “steadycloud8887888806″.

Industry’s best support.

Outsourcing support can save businesses huge amount – but we understand there is nothing worse for a customer than interacting with a support agent that isn’t familiar with the company, products or tools. We have always operated our support in-house – all of our team is employed by us and do not work with any other firm. We know you by your name and can tailor our support accordingly.

Steady Cloud has been the best hosting choice for my business!
Martin S.,
My blog runs faster than ever on Steady Cloud. Thank you guys!
Stephanie R.,
Services available 100% of the time – guaranteed.

We plan our network, servers, software and management in-house, in the heart of California. Because of this we’re so confident in our infrastructure that we’re proud to offer a 100% uptime guarantee – or your money back. It takes commitment from our team but its this dedication that allows us to provide such a generous agreement.

Our Team

We’re made up of professionals from all backgrounds. Our management team have respectable previous job titles – marketing super affiliates, web hosting directors, support supervisors and finance directors. We all excel at what we do and contribute our skills which creates the foundations of our service.

Why SteadyCloud?
5 reasons
If we forget about gimmicks and marketing fluff, provide a quality service and answer your questions rapidly – that does the talking.

High performance cloud which we built ourselves.


100% uptime guaranteed backed by a rigorous SLA.


Caring support - all in-house and always happy to help.


Dedicated team, working from the heart of the Internet.


Free migration to us wherever you may be coming from.

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