Our Cloud

Our customers expect nothing but stellar performance, lightning fast loading speeds and resiliency - all of which we provide to guarantee 100% uptime. We've cut no corners - the running of your website and business is paramount to us.

Cloud Overview

The high-performance cloud we’ve built is the foundation of the services we’re renowned for. We haven’t cut corners when developing this advanced infrastructure – everything is high quality – from the physical data Center to the servers we own and operate, as well as the cloud stack. The domains we provide services for rely on our cloud to deliver around-the-clock performance without service interruption – SteadyCloud delivers.

Our data center of choice is the N+1 Peer facility. This highly secure, redundant location coupled with the enterprise-grade Dell servers with high-performance components and unrivalled OnApp cloud technology is the perfect mix for delivering resistant cloud solutions. And we’re constantly expanding with additional global locations currently being researched. Have a suggestion on where we should deploy next? Contact us with your input.

Notable Features
Security & Firewalls

We take security seriously – all access to our network is secured and monitored 24×7. Access is controlled by rigours Juniper firewalls.

Load Balancing

Our network and servers support true load balancing across physical machines. We can cope with the largest of demands and spikes – automatically.

Off-Site Backups

Backups we take of our servers and websites are sent securely to our off-site locations for storing with direct fast connections for restores.

Redundant Storage

Our cloud uses a state-of-the-art SAN (storage area network) which is fully redundant – data stores are housed within physical servers which is replicated across disks. Performance is ensured by a “10GigE everywhere” setup which results in zero bottlenecks and no slowdowns.

Quality of Service

Quality of Service is vital for ensuring a consistently lightning fast network. Our upstream networks minimise packet loss and jittering ensuring your online presence is always “blink and you’ll miss it”.

Power - Always

Our cloud is only as good as the grid powering it. If there is a power outage – even for a split second – we’d suffer serious consequences. All of our locations utilise redundant power supplies, with backup feeds from an uninterruptible power supply which takes over automagically.

Optimized Network Routing

The intelligence of our network – from the switches to border routers – allow us to route traffic through the best paths, avoiding obstacles. Additionally, by peering with top-tier bandwidth providers, we can ensure all content is delivered at the fastest possible rate.

Increased Database Performance

For services where we provide database access, such as our Cloud Hosting, we serve your intensive tables from high performance SSD disks, speeding up loading times significantly.

Application Services

All application services – such as HTTP, email and other customer-facing software, are highly optimised and fine-tuned for maximum performance. Additionally, we replace traditional open-source software with commercial drop-ins where possible for added security, support and performance.

SteadyCloud Data Center – California
Certification ISAE 3402 Type II
Building Single storey structure
Backup Power Systems UPS and diesel generator power systems N+1
Environmental Control Redundant climate control systems
Fire Suppresion Pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system with clean agent fire extinguisher
Data Center Security Security card and biometric access and NVR camera systems
Raised Floor Yes
24/7 Support The Network Operations Center (NOC) staff monitors the network 24x7x365, while our network engineers and facility staff are available at any time in the event of an emergency.