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Lightning quick, high-availability and backed by our renowned 24 hour support team - our Cloud Hosting is ideal for small sites through to large e-commerce.

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Want to move an existing website to the cloud? We’re happy to help you with a hands-off migration (and normally without any downtime!) at a time that suits you. Sign up for a package and submit a ticket to our friendly support team, we’ll sort everything for you.

Cloud features & information.

We’ve built a high-performance cloud infrastructure located in southern UK. We started by choosing a renowned N+1 (fully redundant) data centre with top-tier bandwidth to serve your website at lightning fast speeds. Our top-shelf Dell state-of-the-art servers with OnApp cloud management added to the mix ensure high availability with automatic failover, breathtaking performance and a platform you can rely on.

No cloud provider is created equal – some cut corners to save time or money – making it hard to choose a provider that you can depend on. Other providers don’t offer true cloud, too, and buzzwords can make the decision process even harder. There’s a reason thousands of customers choose SteadyCloud to host their websites.

Still want to know more specific details? We’ve got it all on our cloud page.

One-Click Software Installation

WordPress? Joomla? MyBB? Our servers have over 300 one-click installers to make setting up software quick and easy. Never again follow install guides and documentation – let our cloud do it all for you.

Guaranteed Backups

Relax, we’ve got your data protected and backed up, daily. Unlike other providers we guarantee our backups and you can restore your entire website or an individual file from multiple restore points – even from months ago.

Secured & Locked Down

We take security very seriously – from hardware firewalls to proper security rules built by our in-house team. We’ll ensure your data, emails and visitors are looked after – no questions asked. Trust us.

100% Uptime Guarantee

100% uptime is guaranteed on our cloud hosting platform. We’ll keep you up and running 24x7x365 and if we miss a beat, we’ve got you covered with our generous service level agreements. Never lose a sale, follower or visitor again.

Point-And-Click Control

Our servers have cPanel loaded onto them, making it quick and easy to manage your website – from uploading files, to creating databases and checking email. Fan of SSH and the command line? We’ve got that for you too.

Lightning Fast Speed

Our stack of server software has been tweaked, refined and tweaked again to ensure maximum possible performance for your website. A slow website is just as good as no website at all – don’t settle for anything but “blink and you’ll miss it”.

24/7 On-Demand Support

Responsive and to-the-point. That’s what you can expect to receive whenever you need to contact us – whether it be via email, live chat, telephone or even through our Facebook or Twitter. We’re here all day, every day. Guaranteed.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re positive you’ll love SteadyCloud to serve you – but if for some reason you’re not entirely happy, all of our Cloud Hosting services are backed by a no-quibble 7 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Are services setup instantly?

Most orders are instantly setup providing they pass fraud checks after verified payment. If there’s something amiss, we’ll reach out to you.

How can I make payment?

We accept all major credit/debit cards, as well as PayPal. In some cases (large orders) we can accept bank transfer and MOTO payments.

Can I upgrade anytime?

Yes – and you don’t need to contact us if you don’t want to. All upgrades are automatic and managed via your control panel.

Are there any hidden costs or taxes?

No – but we do charge VAT for customers located in Europe.

Can I use an SSL certificate?

If you have your own SSL certificate, you can use it with a dedicated IP (£15 one-off cost). If you want to purchase an SSL certificate through us, we’ll include set it all up for you.

Where are you based?

We’re a friendly team working out of our office in London, with a remote support team around the globe.

What about email?

All packages include an unlimited number of email inboxes – including POP3 and IMAP. It also works with desktop email clients, iPhone for on-the-go and any other device that supports email.

What software do you run?

All of our Cloud Hosting servers operate a LAMP stack with the CloudLinux operating system, consisting of a high-performance web server, with MySQL 5, multiple versions of PHP (4, 5.4, 5.5 etc) as well as Perl, Ruby on Rails and git integration.

What is CloudLinux?

CloudLinux is an operating system, similar to Red Hat and CentOS, designed for servers housing many different users. It’s built to combat abuse, meaning a single website can’t affect the overall performance of other websites. It also allows us to include a different amount of resources with each package.

What are the different resource limitations?

Our Cloud Hosting packages include different levels of resources – CPU and memory (RAM). A large amount of resources means more visitors that can access your website at any one time. You can upgrade between packages at any time.
Lite: 256MB memory & 1 CPU core
Professional: 512MB memory & 1 CPU core
Business: 1GB memory & 2 CPU cores
For more details and explanation, feel free to contact us.

Can I use SSH?

Yes – and it’s enabled by default.

What are your server specifications?

All servers are true cloud machines that we own and operate – minimum 24GB memory, redundant SAN disks, 12+ cores and GigE everywhere networking. More information on our cloud information page.

Have additional questions? We’re here 24×7.

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